SAH – Thoughts of a Survivor

What happens after a diagnosis of red stroke? This unique personal account of subarachnoid hemorrhage takes you through the survivor’s daily routine in a stroke unit, the follow-on rehabilitation, and the author’s unexpected insights as he searches for answers.

Stroke survivor and author Glenn M. Peach successfully captures the emotional aspects of stroke, covering treatment and recovery as very few victims of SAH can. In his new book, the reader can feel his pain, emotions, and experiences as he shares the lessons that helped him to heal. Lucky Stroke is a personal story dictated by fate, modern medicine, and human understanding.

Set in Germany in the summertime, this very readable account is not just for the victims and their loved ones, but also for the medical staff in stroke units and rehab centers. Accompany this stroke victim as he searches for answers and meet the professionals that guided him back to a healthy life in spite of, or together with, the external influences beyond their control.

Lucky Stroke has ISBN-10: 1514307634

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Really enjoyed (if that’s the right word) this depiction and subsequent exploration of a shocking event that came right of the blue, forcing the author to take stock and rethink his place in the world, and, indeed, the very meaning of life itself. What can it be, if it can hang on such a thin thread? The outcome is a moving and uplifting study in the determination to survive, an expression of gratitude to those instrumental in his extraordinary recovery … and a celebration of the good fortune that sought him out and brought him back from the very brink. A Lucky Stroke indeed …- David Horton, Amazon